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calibration chiropractic reviews

Dr. Joe and his staff are all extremely professional and handle the issue you are experiencing with patience and a helpful attitude. A plan of action is given to you for your review and the treatment is all very effective. Dr. Joe will offer you options to meet your needs and your insure it is cost effective to your budget. My experience here has been one of great success with a long term problem that was not corrected at other chiropractors. Thank you Dr. Joe and your staff!

Lisa Richardson

I absolutely love Olga warm welcome when I walk into the office. Both Traci and Olga makes you feel like your apart of a family not a patient. They are very hospitable and remember what’s going on with you and your family. Definitely love how Olga and Traci are attentive to my needs regarding decompression, muscle work, scheduling, and/or billing. Dr. Mac is an awesome Chiropractor. He specialize in Auto Accident Injuries, Sports Injuries and much more. He is very attentive to your needs and ensure he treats your injuries to the fullest before releasing you. He provides recommendations (e.g. therapeutic masseuse, at home exercises, etc). I highly recommend this practice to anyone with any sports injuries or neck/back injuries. If you have to move, he will recommend a Sports Injury Chiropractor in the new area.

C Hill

Dr Jordan has been a gift from up above with helping me through the journey of pre pregnancy and now my prenatal journey. I truly believe if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have had such a positive and smooth pregnancy experience. She not only takes away any discomfort I am dealing with, but she also helps educate me on things to better my situation while making the overall experience very personable and comforting. I have recommended her to many of my other pregnant friends who have only good things to say about their outcomes as well. I can't thank the Adams family enough for everything they have done for me. Highly recommend!​​​​​​​

Brittany Decker

Before going to see Joe, I had seen a chiropractor, massage therapy with a sports specialist, acupuncture, physical therapy, as well as tens therapy. I took an MRI to my dr who literally told me “This is who you are now. There’s nothing we can do, you’re just going to hurt sometimes” Seriously?! Went to Calibration Chiropractic for the decompression table with little hope of recovery just stubborn will to get back in the gym or atleast tie my own shoe. To my surprise everyone in the office was incredible! Joe is not just knowledgeable and kind but persistent. As if it’s his own pain he is committed to the process. Olga is the heart. Not only does she develop personal relationships with the patients she has incredible knowledge on movements of the body and always helpful with any stupid question I have. After 12 weeks I am back in the gym just in time for 2023. And yes I can tie my own shoes. So to my old doc, in your face…THIS is who I am now!


This office is fantastic, Dr. Joe, Dr. Jordan, & Dr. Mac are so knowledgeable, and the staff is so welcoming and just fun to talk to. Dr. Joe created a treatment plan for me; I have a herniated cervical disc that was causing discomfort, pain, and tingling sensations in my arm and hands. Today I finished my treatment plan, and I can say that Dr. Joe and his team surpassed my expectations completely. Thank all of you so much.

Cassidy Paulson

I love this place! Dr. Joe works with both the muscles and the spine, and addressed some neurological issues for me as well. His approach has been the most effective for my issues, even the persistent and unusual ones that nobody previously had been able to help me with. The office staff is fantastic, too. I would definitely recommend especially to anyone who hasn't found relief from traditional care.

Whitney Moon​​​​​​​

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