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We know what it's like to struggle with a health challenge - It's frustrating, exhausting, and sometimes hopeless. Beyond providing treatment, we're your partner. We listen, we care, and we advocate for your health.



Health and healing is never a one size fits all solution. Our team will design a customized protocol for your condition & your unique goals using all the latest technology and treatment approaches at our disposal.



We get lasting results because we focus on fixing the cause of problem instead of constantly chasing symptoms, and we empower you with tools to reclaim control over your health so you can live a better quality of life now!

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Excellence in Caring

Complimentary Consultation

We know you have options for where you seek care, the consultation is a conversation focused on YOU to make sure you're in the right place.

Comprehensive Exam

Your condition is unique to you, and the exam is tailored to your complaints so that you can get the answers you deserve.

Customized Treatment Protocol

Once we have a diagnosis our doctors create a fully customized treatment protocol to get you back to what you love doing.

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Headaches + Migraines

Concussion + mTBI

Dizziness + Vertigo

TMJ Dysfunction

neck pain

Shoulder Pain

numbness + tingling

Disc Injuries

pregnancy + babies

Balance Issues

chronic pain

auto accidents

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Our doctors are pioneers in treating complex conditions that have failed to respond to traditional methods. We have spent years studying and refining treatment approaches to bring hope and healing to our patients.


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Tracy Mitchell
0 days ago

So very pleased to experience such improvement, in such a short period of time! Everyone involved in this practice is always so patient and professional. They want to go along your journey *with* you, to help achieve your health goals!

Jordan Blackmon
4 months ago

The environment of the office is super clean and welcoming. Everyone a part of the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

Cassidy Paulson
6 months ago

This office is fantastic, Dr. Joe, Dr. Jordan, & Dr. Mac are so knowledgeable, and the staff is so welcoming and just fun to talk to. Dr. Joe created a treatment plan for me; I have a herniated cervical disc that was causing discomfort, pain, and tingling sensations in my arm and hands. Today I finished my treatment plan, and I can say that Dr. Joe and his team surpassed my expectations completely. Thank all of you so much. Cass

Whitney Moon
5 months ago

I love this place! Dr. Joe works with both the muscles and the spine, and addressed some neurological issues for me as well. His approach has been the most effective for my issues, even the persistent and unusual ones that nobody previously had been able to help me with. The office staff is fantastic, too. I would definitely recommend especially to anyone who hasn't found relief from traditional care.

K Jones
a month ago

Started coming here for pregnancy pains. The staff is so nice. Dr. Jordan has been extremely helpful with prenatal adjustments, exercises and stretches for me to do. Highly recommend!!

Lisa Richardson
4 months ago

Dr. Joe and his staff are all extremely professional and handle the issue you are experiencing with patience and a helpful attitude. A plan of action is given to you for your review and the treatment is all very effective. Dr. Joe will offer you options to meet your needs and your insure it is cost effective to your budget. My experience here has been one of great success with a long term problem that was not corrected at other chiropractors. Thank you Dr. Joe and your staff!

Gaston Folmar
5 months ago

The staff here is amazing. From the front desk to the doctors, they are all great. I went over a treatment plan with doctor joe and within a few weeks I was already seeing massive improvements and now I am back to normal and feeling and moving great. I would highly recommend this team to anyone.


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Reader's Choice Best Chiropractor 2022 and 2024

TCA District 4 Doctor of the Year 2022

Texas Chiropractic Assoc. Rising Star Award 2022

Parker University Young Alumni 2021

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