Dr. Joseph Adams, DC, MS

dr joseph adams

Dr. Joe has a passion for helping people with significant health challenges through integrated care that includes chiropractic, functional neurology, vestibular rehabilitation, neuro-ophthalmology, and physical therapy. He loves helping people who are suffering through head pain (migraines, headaches, etc.) and neurological conditions find answers, solutions, and healing.

As a lifelong learner, he is always pursuing more education on how to best help his patients using the most advanced care applications. He fulfilled his residency at an integrated neurological rehabilitation center where he focused on providing chiropractic care to some of the most challenging cases. He also gained insight into functional and integrated medicine, along with post-graduate training in neurology.

In his free time he uses his skills in welding and woodworking to build furniture and other home decor. He is usually spending his time with his wife (Dr. Jordan) and their two young children. He enjoys all kinds of fitness, especially weight lifting and yoga.


  • Doctor of Chiropractic - Cum Laude (Parker University)

  • Masters Degree in Applied Clinical Neuroscience (Parker University)

  • Postgraduate Migraine Management


  • Texas Chiropractic Association, Education and Events Committee

  • Continuing Education Provider for other chiropractors

  • Mansfield Police Department, Training Advisory Board

  • Mansfield Area Chamber of Commerce, Former Board Member

  • Rotary Club of Mansfield, Former Board Member

the adams family
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