Will Chiropractic Help With Gassy / Colicky Babies?

One of the questions we get a lot is “Will chiropractic help with gassy/colicky babies?” Colic and fussiness isn’t always a clear cut diagnosis, and it’s definitely not fun for the parents. It affects everyone’s mood and everyone’s sleep. Trust me, I get it! My son went through a little spell of his own version of colic from about 6 weeks until 12 weeks.

In some cases colic can have an underlying dietary cause such as a dairy sensitivity; this was the case with our son. However, in a vast majority of other cases it’s due to the fact that babies don’t yet have a finely developed nervous system. What this means is that they get wound up very quickly because they can’t process/regulate environmental stimulation.

Just imagine yourself when you’re stressed or on high alert / anxious – sometimes your stomach starts to hurt, you find yourself tense and far from ease. That’s exactly what can happen in these babies. Chiropractic care, especially specific and gentle pediatric chiropractic care, can help these babies decrease that wind up and calm their system, which in turn can help with the colic symptoms. Contact our chiropractic team in Mansfield today to get started.


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