Why Do I Have Persistent Migraines?

Migraines are headaches that cause a pulsing sensation and severe throbbing pain, typically on one side of the head. Patients may experience vomiting or nausea and extreme light and sound sensitivity.

Many people experience migraine attacks that last for several hours to several days, severly impacting their daily lives and activities. Some people receive a warning symptom, described as an aura, before the migraine.


What Causes Migraines?

It is unclear what causes migraines, but many experts believe it is related to environmental factors and genetics. The condition can run in families and occur in certain situations or locations.

The pain can occur due to changes in the brainstem and how it works with the trigeminal nerve. Muscle tension and brain chemical imbalances can also be responsible for the pain. Changes in serotonin, which handles pain regulation in the nervous system, can cause migraines.


Symptoms of Migraines

Most people report experiencing visual disturbances. These include blind spots and flashes of light preceding migraines. The symptoms are part of the “aura” that occurs at the onset of a migraine. Other disturbances include difficulty speaking and tingling in the arm, leg, or one side of the face.

Migraines often progress through various stages over several days, leading to severe pain. Other symptoms include neck stiffness, mood changes, and food cravings. Others include fluid retention, constipation, and increased urination.


Suffering Persistent Migraines

If not treated, migraine attacks can last 4 to 72 hours, with frequency varying by person. If you experience persistent migraines, seek medical attention. Medications can help prevent or reduce the severity of migraines.

Medication can prevent the attack if you get an aura before the migraine. If the migraine feels different, see your doctor as soon as possible. It could signify an underlying health issue.


Triggers for Persistent Migraines

Several factors can trigger persistent headaches. These include:


  • Hormonal changes, especially in women

  • Too much alcohol or caffeine consumption

  • Sensory stimuli, such as strong smells and bright lights

  • Stress

  • Weather changes

  • Certain medications, such as oral contraceptives

  • Sleep changes, including too much or too little sleep

  • Physical exertion or too much activity

  • Eating certain foods, food additives, or skipping meals

Avoiding the triggers can help prevent or reduce the severity of migraines.


Diagnosing and Treating Migraines

Migraines and regular headaches often go undiagnosed. Many people take OTC medications to deal with the pain and fail to get medical attention. Unfortunately, frequent use of medications can lead to complications.

Proper diagnosis can ensure you get effective treatment. Treatment options include pain-relieving and preventive medications. Others include antidepressants, beta-blockers, antiseizure medications, and Botox injections.

Non-medication therapies can help treat migraines. They are beneficial as they help avoid the complications associated with prolonged medication use. Options include supplements, nerve stimulation, massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic care.

Making lifestyle changes can help reduce migraines. These include:


  • Avoiding triggers

  • Quitting smoking

  • Limiting alcohol and caffeine consumption

  • Getting adequate sleep and regular exercise

  • Eating regular meals

  • Maintain a healthy weight

  • Finding ways to reduce stress


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