When To Tell Your Chiropractor You Are Pregnant?

One of the questions that recently came up is “When should I to tell my chiropractor I’m pregnant?” Great question!

You should always tell your Mansfield chiropractor you’re pregnant as soon as you find out, and in some cases even before you get pregnant, let’s say you’re trying to get pregnant.

The reason being is that some offices need to make sure that they change some of their exam procedures (such as x-rays) or even some of their therapeutic modalities (like electrical stimulation – if that is a service their office provides).

Chiropractic care is generally considered safe throughout all phases of pregnancy. However, I would like to point out that qualified prenatal chiropractors who specialize in a technique called Websters Technique will do certain things to make sure that they help improve your comfort throughout pregnancy and also to make sure that they help you improve you chances for favorable birth outcomes.


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