What Makes Calibration Chiropractic Different?

We moved down to Mansfield in April – well, for me (Jordan) it was moving back to Mansfield since my family has been here since 2005 (I first moved to Mansfield when I was 16 and I graduated from Mansfield High School – go Tigers!) – and we immediately got busy with a series of DIY practice renovations. For all you HGTV Fixer Upper fans, we felt like we were channeling our own inner Chip and Joanna Gaines!

We are getting ready to release a video series on common chiropractic questions we’ve been hearing, but one of the main ones we’ve been hearing A LOT lately, especially relating to us and our office, is how we’re DIFFERENT, and that’s a great question!

At Calibration Chiropractic in Mansfield we go beyond pain and structure. We use pain and structure as tools in our assessment, but our main focus and concern is how efficiently your brain is communicating to the rest of your body through your spine because we know that a healthy spine means you have a healthy brain. We also know that your brain controls everything else about how your body functions.

Our mission is to educate the community about the importance of neuro-structural health because we know that many secondary conditions can be improved by improving your overall spinal health.

We’ve invested in advanced technology to be able to measure how well your brain is sending signals to the rest of your body. This means we can set goals for your care. We have the ability to measure care and create a calibrated and customized care plan to help our practice members achieve consistent results.


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