What Can Chiropractic Do For You?

Most people already know that chiropractic in Mansfield is closely associated with neck pain, back pain, disc issues, or maybe even postural issues, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that chiropractic is one of the safest and most effective ways to improve the overall functioning of your body.



That’s because chiropractic is very closely associated with brain function. Your brain is connected to the rest of your body through your spine, so if your spine doesn’t function properly, you’re not going to have the ultimate health that you could desire.

If your spine is in an aberrant functional pattern, it makes it harder for your brain to accurately perceive what’s going on in and around your body, leading to negative neuroplasticity and structural degeneration. This impacts how your body functions by compromising the functional capacity of the nervous system and its ability to maintain homeostasis, which eventually could result in a number of secondary conditions (more on that later) and/or contribute to a condition’s severity and chronicity.

Specific chiropractic care can improve your brain’s ability to know where your body is in space and can alter the way your brain processes and integrates sensory information from the muscles, and even change the way your brain sends important messages back to your muscles, glands, organs, and other tissues. Your brain MUST be able to integrate all sensory information appropriately in order to accurately move your body and run all the daily behind the scenes functions of your body.

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