How Does Chiropractic Help With Ear Infections?

One of the questions we’re going over right now is how chiropractic care helps kids who experience frequent ear infections. This is an excellent topic because while recurrent ear infections are extremely common, it’s not something we should just accept as normal. Contact our Mansfield chiropractor today to learn more



Before I dive into chiropractic, I’d like to give you a little background. When kids are born, their eustachian tubes are are a little more horizontal, and as we get older they start to go downward. So as adults we have proper drainage, but as children it’s harder for those ear canals to drain. Children also have shorter and more narrow eustachian tubes than adults.

Combine that with neck tension and it makes it even more difficult for the ears to drain properly. Neck tension can happen in infants and young children, but it’s not often the first thing many people think to check for. You see, often times neck tension build up can begin from birth due to the very nature of childbirth. And if it’s not from birth, many other children start getting tension build up from the many falls kids take as they are learning to sit, crawl, and walk.

Chiropractic care can help decrease neck tension, and as neck tension decreases you actually help the eustachian tubes drain as they should.

Dr. Sears has some wonderful information on ear infections here.


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